Incentive Travel

Reward and motivate your staff in a special and unique way!

As every business owner and HR manager knows, rewarding staff is vital to building productivity, morale, motivation and loyalty. However, hard work and amazing achievements can only be repaid with a gift certificate and a ‘well done’ so many times. If you are looking for a special way to thank people who have done a great job – and motivate others to do their best – you may want to consider an incentive travel program.

Not only are you giving your staff unforgettable experiences and life-long memories, there are enormous benefits for your business too.


Companies that maintain exciting incentive travel programs often spend less than those that reward employees with cash alone. With an exciting enough incentive program, you’ll find you can reward employees less regularly as they strive to reach their far greater and more exciting goals.


Research has shown that non-cash incentives are two to three times more effective at motivating employee performance. Cash or a gift certificate may be spent on a whim, but a trip overseas builds networks between employees and gives them great memories of fun adventures. The photos they’ll take home will also serve as a constant reminder of their value to your organisation.


When you reward your employees with an exciting incentive travel program, they tend to be much more loyal. There’s a greater sense of value and belonging when their reward stretches beyond the office walls and into their real lives. When they can boast of their reward trip to their friends and neighbours, they’ll also develop an additional sense of pride in the company they work for.


When employees have a reward in sight that they are passionate about their motivation to hit goals increases enormously. When they see the photos of their colleague’s last incentive travel reward, they’ll work harder to match or exceed them. A friendly sense of competition between employees can make a significant positive impact on your annual sales.

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