Finding lifelong friends

with Jayes Travel Women

Jeannette found lifelong friends travelling the world

After losing my husband six years ago, I never would have imagined that I’d still be able to explore the world with new friends.

I discovered Jayes Travel Women and booked in my first trip … the rest is history.

I’ve been overseas with Jayes Travel Women multiple times now. As a result, I’ve made lifelong friends with the women who regularly participate in the tours. It’s nice to feel like you are travelling with people you know and to feel safe while you see some of the wonders you would never see otherwise.

Beyond the tour itinerary, Jayes organises tour participants to be picked up and dropped back off to our front doors. It makes going on holiday extremely easy. All you have to do is book with Jayes, then pack your luggage!

Unforgettable Moments with New Friends!

friends, Finding lifelong friends with Jayes Travel Women

My most recent trip was to Russia and Scandinavia in July/August this year. Russia was vastly different from what I would have expected. We saw an amazing performance of Swan Lake and experienced the absolute opulence and splendour of the palaces there. We also became a part of the extraordinarily different lifestyles that Russians lead.

I would never have visited the places we did had Jayes Travel Women not created that experience for me. Michelle always does such a great job designing the tours, so you do get to enjoy some unforgettable moments!

I could never have imagined seeing any of the sights I have seen without my husband. Travelling alone is quite a different experience. 

I did explore Ireland, Scotland and Wales on my own recently and it simply wasn’t the same – I missed the ladies from Jayes Travel Women too much!

Jayes Travel Women is

for life

I met one fabulous lady on a tour of the Mediterranean recently, and we’ve become close friends. In fact, we went on the Jayes Travel Women tour of America – from New York to New Orleans in 27 days – together this year as well.

Jayes Travel Women gives you a choice to co-share a room with another traveller or have your own space. So it’s ideal for solo travellers as well as for people who want to bring a friend, neighbour or family member. Or, if you’re like me, you might meet someone during the tours who becomes your travel buddy and friend for life.

Join Jeannette and other like-minded women on our 2020 Jayes Travel Women tours.

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