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Victoria Buckley

travel specialist

I have always been surrounded by family who loved to travel. They were always using travel agencies too. This is where my passion for travel stems from. Growing up I knew that planning another’s travels and surrounding myself with the wonders of the world would be a dream – so I strived for it.

When I started my own travels, I also approached a travel agent. I found her services to be…not as great as I had expected. That was when I knew I would put in the hard work and dedication to make all my clients’ travel experiences seamless and amazing. Understanding what it is like to be on the other end of a travel agent experience, I know clients’ expectations, and I aim to exceed them.

The travel industry itself is amazing. I am constantly given amazing opportunities, learning more every day, and finding new ways to challenge myself. Creating vastly different itineraries, forming relationships, and sharing my experiences with clients are just part of it.

It is an amazing feeling when someone has the utmost trust in you to organise their dream holiday. And then feel the appreciation when they return with stories of their time away.

Thanks to my passion for travel, I was nominated for Young Travel Agent of the Year. I was ecstatic to reach the top 10 with the help of Jayes Travel.

I have worked in the travel industry for one and a half years already, and I am looking forward to the many more years of helping others discover experiences that will last a lifetime.

We take care of every detail of

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most out-there experience
had whilst travelling

There have been a few; great white shark cage diving in Port Lincoln, South Australia; a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon; and also hiking in Yosemite National Park during which we saw a bear cub near the falls.

Is it better to see a lot of places or get to know one well?

I think getting to know one place well and immersing yourself in its culture is the way to travel. And luckily a lot of touring companies for young people make it easy for us to do this. 

favourite travel destination

This is hard! It’s definitely between Italy (I want to say all of it, but I guess I could narrow it down to the Amalfi Coast) and Yosemite National Park, USA.

Number one tip for someone looking to
take their next adventure

Young people should be using travel consultants as well! Contrary to popular belief, it does not cost you any more money to use an agent. In fact, nine times out of ten it will actually save you money!

And when we consider how hard it is to save as a young person and the time it takes to do so, you want every penny to count. You want the advice and experience an agent can offer to help make your once-in-a-lifetime (or uni lifetime) the best it can possibly be!

What are the best apps for travel?

Hostelworld and Rome2rio are fantastic apps for the backpackers.

Bear in mind I use Hostel World myself to locate and book some great hostels through our agent portals – do not think agencies can’t book hostels at great rates!

Rome2rio is an app which navigates multiple ways to get between one place to the next.

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